Head to Hardwick for the Power to the Pollinator Festival

Each Caledonia Spirits expression is made with pure, raw honey. Our honey gin, Tom Cat, and vodka are not only delicious, they are an ode to the hardworking bees that are so critical to the landscape we know and love. To celebrate and appreciate the importance of pollinators, Barr Hill by Caledonia Spirits is hosting the very first annual Power to the Pollinator Festival on Sunday, July 23rd from 12 pm to 5 pm. Come to our Hardwick, Vermont distillery and be part of this momentous event where you can enjoy free samples and purchase drink tickets for a good cause. One dollar of each drink ticket sale will benefit the Vermont Beekeepers Association, a nonprofit organization that unites Vermont’s beekeepers and focuses on education and community awareness. Enjoy a drink of your choice and raise awareness to the importance of pollinators at the same time, all in a Sunday afternoon!

Here is the Power to the Pollinator Festival lineup for the main stage:

12:30 pm Todd Hardie - Beekeeping 101

Todd Hardie, our company founder and a beekeeper in his own Thornhill Farm, will go over beekeeping basics and give an introduction to honeybees. Come view an observation hive and learn the difference between worker bees and drones. You can even try to find the queen! Todd will talk about how you can encourage pollinators on your land and what you can plant to help the bees in your own backyard. According to Todd, “Honey bees pollinate much of the food that we eat. In a very gentle way, they visit flowers, pollinate them for more food and make our landscape more beautiful.”

1:30 pm Jeanne and Jim Duo - Live Acoustic Music

Grab a drink, relax and enjoy a sampling of acoustic music from local musicians Jeanne and Jim. With Jeanne on vocals and fiddle and Jim on the guitar or banjo, they offer upbeat bluegrass tunes and nice classic covers that will keep the air abuzz during the festival.

2:30 John Hayden from the Farm Between - Pollinator Awareness and Protection, Awaken the Activist Within

John Hayden runs an organic farm and fruit nursery, The Farm Between, with his wife Nancy. As an adjunct faculty member, John teaches ecological agriculture classes at UVM. For our Power to the Pollinator Festival he is doing a talk on Pollinator Awareness as well as vending his organic farm products. He will discuss the various animals and insects that pollinate, why they are important, what is stressing them, and what you can do to help. Regarding his talk, John says, “I would like to broaden people's understanding beyond the plight of honeybees to help them realize the diversity and importance of our native bees and other pollinators. They are even more vulnerable.”

3:00 Jeanne and Jim Duo - Live Acoustic Music

Another set of Jeanne and Jim rounds out the afternoon with bluegrass goodness.

In addition to live music, an observation beehive, and educational talks, there will also be a wonderful assortment of products to buy and sample from the following vendors: Mad River Distillers, Stowe Cider, Eden Ice, Switchel, Runamok, Sumptuous Syrups, Farm Between, and Back Road BBQ Food Truck.

Mad River Distillers and Barr Hill are also serving three featured cocktails that incorporate products from all the vendors. These collaborative cocktails include: Paradise Cocktail (Barr Hill Gin, Yellow Ginger by Sumptuous Syrups, and Eden Iced Wine), Catamount (Tom Cat Gin, Runamok Maple Syrup, and Gin and Juice by Stowe Cider), and Hardwick Hooch (Barr Hill Vodka, Switchel, and Yellow Ginger by Sumptuous Syrups).

Our event organizer, Sophia Barsalow, sums it up best. “We are thrilled to be hosting our first annual Power to the Pollinators Festival at Caledonia Spirits. The response to the festival has been overwhelmingly positive! This is a fun, friendly, and casual cocktail gathering to raise awareness for the pollinators and to equip people with ways in which to help. In addition to pollinator awareness workshops there are ongoing distillery tours and a vendor marketplace with free samples and goods for sale. Raise a glass and toast the pollinators!”

Hope to see you there!

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