Landcrafted in the Heart of Vermont

Listen for the gentle hum of worker bees collecting nectar and pollen from one wildflower to the next giving voice to the fields of upstate New York.

See the golden sway of mature rye fields arching and dipping under blue sky and golden sun at nearby Thornhill Farm in Greensboro, Vermont.

Smell the delicious, dessert-like aroma of honey being distilled into Barr Hill Vodka at Caledonia Spirits distillery in Hardwick, Vermont.

To sip Barr Hill Vodka, Barr Hill Gin, and Tom Cat Gin is to be transported to a wild place on the fringe of field and forest.

Our mindful approach to distilling, the influence of Vermont's four seasons, and the premium raw ingredients that come from the agricultural lands that surround our region define our craft spirits.  This is our sentiment, our ethos, our paradigm shift. This is the meaning of Landcrafted in the heart of Vermont.


When we hike upon the Barr Hill Nature Preserve trails – the preserve that is our namesake – we make it a Landcrafted experience. Which is to say, we immerse ourselves in the nature of the place. Hiking through the woods welcoming the unknown, looking up to enjoy the vistas that link us to the feeling of being part of something much, much bigger. And looking down, way down, getting low on belly or hands and knees to observe the little bits of beauty. A dew droplet about to make landfall from leaf to soil, the symbiotic relationship of lichen and moss networking on bark and stone.

To do something the Landcrafted way means allowing oneself to be open, and inspired by it all: feeling, seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting the energy and beauty of life that surrounds us and channeling it into distilling authentic spirits of the land.

It means looking with a skillful eye and evaluating how our spirits can bring this feeling of energy, connection, and beauty to our loyal fans, and in turn, how our spirits can promote the conservation of place and pollinators, the integrity of ingredients, and the time honored traditions of distilling.


Landcrafted means we hike-the-hike, we love our home, and we invite you and the whole world to enjoy our craft spirits.  We strive to protect the future of our natural world while providing opportunities for those making their livings from it. We take great pride in creatively and skillfully transforming our regions finest raw ingredients into flawless Barr Hill spirits.


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