Spirited Gifts for the Holidays

Gifting our line of Landcrafted spirits will make holiday giving a cinch.  No matter what your budget, The Barr Hill Tasting Room at our distillery offers a variety of options from stocking stuffers to centerpiece gifts.  Below is a sneak peak into our tasting room and gift shop.  Stop by today and start crossing people off your list!

Barr Hill lands in London

The Barr Hill line of honey gin and vodka lands in London! Barr Hill gin, Tom Cat Gin, and Barr Hill Vodka are showcased at the London Spirits show, a two-day event, held on December 9th and 10th at the Business Design Centre in Downtown London. Products such as gin, rum, vodka, whisky, liqueurs, and other spirits are represented from all over the world. It is an exciting to be in attendance at this major show in Great Britain- a first for the Barr Hill team.  This event launching pad to start business with the Great Britain spirit markets.

Full Circle: The Transformation of Grain to Whiskey

There's a giddiness in the air, I can see it in their eyes, their smiles, and their posture as they confer with one another.  This moment in the distillery is monumental; it's the culmination of years of visioning, hard work, and collaborations with friends of local businesses.  This is the moment of alchemy and transformation resulting in smoky rye whiskey.

A Thanksgiving Cornucopia Punch

In light of the recent presidential campaigns and election results, let’s face it, chances are this Thanksgiving your gathering will need something a little stronger than just beer and wine.

Landcrafted in the Heart of Vermont

Listen for the gentle hum of worker bees collecting nectar and pollen from one wildflower to the next giving voice to the fields of upstate New York.

Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

Having come of age in the 90s, my association with the word “cooper” is skewed by the T.G.I.F American family sitcom, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. Mr. Cooper, a NBA player-turned-substitute teacher and gym coach, is the star of this sitcom.  He doesn't actually have anything in common with a cooper.

Building a Cooperage Partnership

What do a forester, a logger, a sawyer, a cooper, and a distiller have in common? An affinity towards flawless American White Oak.

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